Robert’s Coffee Jugend – An Elegant Jugendstil Café in the Center of the City

Helsinki, also known as Helsingfors across Scandinavia, is a great city with a special atmosphere. And the same goes for this café Robert’s Coffee, a Finnish coffee chain with long tradition and many cafés all across the city. This particular café of Robert’s Coffee is called Robert’s Coffee Jugend for its Jugendstil art elements on the facade and inside the building, is located at the end of a broad pedestrian promenade with trees on both sides, just where this promenade hits the harbor promenade in this fancy city center. The view from Robert’s Coffee is marvelous, when you sit in the patio of this café. So you look onto the harbor and the promenade as well as on the Kauppatori, the city’s market. You feel you are in the heart of this bustling city Helsinki/Helsingfors. Inside the Robert’s Coffee Jugend there are nice and comfy sofa chairs and on the walls there are beautiful frescos in Jugendstil. It is a very elegant atmosphere here at this Robert’s Coffee Jugend, which took my attention immediately. The coffee here at Robert’s Coffee is nice in taste as well as the cinnamon roll, the Korvapuusti alias Kanelbolle. The staff is friendly here, the prices reasonable, and there are many little elements of Jugendstil to explore in this stylish café Robert’s Coffee Jugend in the city center.

But see it for yourself:

And here is the famous slide show:

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The Robert’s Coffee Jugend, located in the Pohjoisesplanadi 19, in 00100 Helsinki, Finland, is a café of the Finnish coffee shop chain Robert’s Coffee with a long tradition located in the city center. The café is very elegant for its stylish Jugendstil elements at the walls and its comfy sofa chairs in club style. Interestingly the prices are reasonable and so this place is very recommendable.

From Helsinki/Helsingfors with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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